Cello lessons Basel

Cello lessons Basel

The cello is also known as the violoncello and is tuned an octave lower than the viola. The cello differs from the double bass in tuning and size. While the double bass is played standing up, the cello is played sitting down with a bow. It is possible to rent a cello in various sizes for cello lessons. Your cello teacher will be happy to help you find the right instrument.

We offer cello lessons for children from 7 years, teens and adults, for beginners and advanced.

Lesson objectives:

  • Playing the pitches
  • Intonation
  • Dexterity
  • Melodie play



From Classical to Pop and Rock.

Lesson time:

We offer cello lessons in Basel from Monday to Friday. Contact us for a non binding trial lesson.
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Entry level models are available in all price ranges. It is also possible to rent a cello. Student instruments can be rented in different sizes.

Cello teacher:

All our cello teachers have studied at renowned conservatories or jazz schools and have a wide range of styles. We support you in learning the cello the right way.