Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Musikunterricht Basel


Booth 8/2018

  • The lessons take place decentrally in different districts of Basel. The teaching time must be in
    Agreement with the teacher to be made. Wishes will be considered if possible.
    Students and teacher plan lesson dates together. Changes must be made within one week.
    After that, the data are binding for teachers and students.
  • Tuition fees have to be paid semester by semester and within 30 days. It is
    it is not possible to pay the lessons in cash or monthly. By arrangement, a payment in two installments is possible.
    per semester possible.
  • The registration for the instrumental lessons is valid for the whole school year and is extended
  • If the pupil does not continue instrumental instruction in the second semester, he or she must
    a written cancellation (email) to the school management by 15 November or 15 May.
    The jointly planned and invoiced lessons, in particular the number of lessons, are for the following reasons
    Students and teachers are binding and cannot be changed.
  • Musikunterricht Basel takes over all administrative tasks of its partner school Gitarrenschule Basel. Further information can be found at www.gitarrenschule-basel.ch.
  • If a lesson has to be cancelled by the teacher, the lesson will be repeated.
  • If a lesson has to be cancelled by the student, there is no claim for replacement. About
    Exceptions are decided by the teacher concerned. However, the student has the right and the possibility to send an acquaintance to the lesson,
    to send a friend into the lesson.
  • If 1 person who is enrolled in the two-person team cannot attend the lesson, the
    Lesson for the 2nd person anyway. The person present receives an individual lesson. The absent
    Person is not entitled to replacement.
  • Classes generally take place during Basel school hours. In consultation with the teacher
    lessons also take place during the holidays.
  • 10er subscriptions are only available to employed persons and must be paid within one semester.
    are used up. If a 10er subscription is purchased after the 3rd month of the semester, the expiration period applies.
    until the end of the following semester.
  • The rates are different for weekly and 10 subscriptions/individual actions. The cheaper
    weekly rate will only be charged if the participant has paid the total number of
    Lessons booked from admission to the end of the semester. If, as a result of departure, illness or other reasons, the paid lessons cannot be attended, the lessons lapse. There will be no refund.
  • Gift vouchers: Gift vouchers must be redeemed within one year of purchase.
    Afterwards their validity expires and our service expires. Thereafter their validity shall expire and our performance shall expire. With the purchase of a voucher the buyer accepts this regulation and agrees with it.
  • Bills: If the customer wishes to receive the invoice by post, CHF 5 will be charged for any expenses incurred.
  • Further: With the payment of the invoice the buyer accepts all listed regulations.